Place Card Holders

Make sure your day runs smoothly by ensuring your guests can easily find their seats with our place card holders, ideal for weddings and parties.

Loving Heart Wedding Place Card Holder
PLACHOL6 AMS001Loving Heart Wedding Place Card Holder (each)
Gold Table Frame - 19.5cm
PLACTABL13 AMS001Gold Table Frame - 19.5cm (each)
Heart Place Wedding Place Card Holder
PLACHOL2 E AMS001Heart Place Wedding Place Card Holder (each)
Silver Table Frame - 19.5cm
PLACTABL12 AMS001Silver Table Frame - 19.5cm (each)
Chalkboard Placecard Holders
PLACHOL42 AMS002Chalkboard Placecard Holders (4pk)
Out Of Stock
Square Wedding Place Card Holder
PLACHOL8 E CSC001Square Wedding Place Card Holder (12pk)
Gold Glitter Table Card Holder
PLACHOL49 AMS001Gold Glitter Table Card Holder (each)
Heart Table Card Holder
PLACHOL51 AMS001Heart Table Card Holder (each)
Elegant Butterfly - White Butterfly Pegs
ELEBPEGS W CSC001Elegant Butterfly - White Butterfly Pegs (20pk)
Elegant Butterfly - Ivory Butterfly Pegs
ELEBPEGS2 W CSC001Elegant Butterfly - Ivory Butterfly Pegs (20pk)
Out Of Stock
Silver Glitter Table Card Holder
PLACHOL48 E AMS001Silver Glitter Table Card Holder (each)
Silver Heart Place Card Holder
PLACHOL9 CSC001Silver Heart Place Card Holder (12pk)
Snowflake Bauble Place Card Holder
XMASACC9 E CSC001Snowflake Bauble Place Card Holder (6pk)