Other Balloon Accessories

Now that you’ve chosen your balloons, have you thought about accessorising them? You can choose from gorgeous glitter and pens, or even do something really special with a column or arch kit! On the practical side, you also need your balloons to stay where you want them, for as long as you need them. To help with that, you’ll find pumps to blow your balloons up, hangers and sticks to attach them to and the unique Hi-Float treatment, which ensures your balloons stay in the air for longer.

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Balloon Pump
BALLPUMP3 PIO001Balloon Pump (each)
Latex Balloon Pump
BALLPUMP AMS001Latex Balloon Pump (each)
Balloon Garland Tape - 5m
BALLACC80 PAR009Balloon Garland Tape - 5m (each)
Bloony White Cardboard Balloon Holder
BACC017 BLO001Bloony White Cardboard Balloon Holder (each)
White Cardboard Balloon Holders
BACC019 W BLO001White Cardboard Balloon Holders (6pk)
Pink Cardboard Balloon Holders
BACC018 W BLO001Pink Cardboard Balloon Holders (6pk)
Blue Cardboard Balloon Holders
BACC020 W BLO001Blue Cardboard Balloon Holders (6pk)
White Balloon Sticks
BALLSTIC5 PIO001White Balloon Sticks (100pk)
Ultra Hi-Float Balloon Treatment - Latex 5oz/150ml
Hi- Float Balloon Treatment - Latex 16oz/473ml
BALLFLOAT PIO001Hi- Float Balloon Treatment - Latex 16oz/473ml (each)
Ultra Hi-Float Latex Balloons Pump
BALLFLOAT3 PIO001Ultra Hi-Float Latex Balloons Pump (each)
Hi- Float Balloon Treatment - Latex 24oz/710ml
BALLFLOAT2 PIO001Hi- Float Balloon Treatment - Latex 24oz/710ml (each)
Hi- Float Balloon Treatment - Latex 96oz/2.8L
BALLFLOAT4 PIO001Hi- Float Balloon Treatment - Latex 96oz/2.8L (each)
Balloon Decor Bag
BALLACC12 PIO001Balloon Decor Bag (25pk)
Balloon Bouquet Bag
BALLACC14 PIO001Balloon Bouquet Bag (50pk)
Balloon Shine
BALLACC13 PIO001Balloon Shine (each)
Stretchy Balloon Tape - 7.6m
BACC001 AMS001Stretchy Balloon Tape - 7.6m (each)
Out Of Stock
Balloon Starter Kit
STARTKIT PDL001Balloon Starter Kit (each)
Balloon Column Kit - 68cm x 228cm
BALLCOLU AMS002Balloon Column Kit - 68cm x 228cm (each)
Balloon Arch Kit - 226cm x 251cm
BALLARCH AMS001Balloon Arch Kit - 226cm x 251cm (each)
Stock Due: 04/10/2019
Accessories Balloon Valve for up to 12"
HEPRVALV PIO001Accessories Balloon Valve for up to 12" (each)
Party Genies Balloon Hangers
DECO411 LIG002Party Genies Balloon Hangers (12pk)
Balloon Plastic Hangers
DECO363 DAV003Balloon Plastic Hangers (each)
Cute Face Balloon Stickers
BALLACC81 PAR009Cute Face Balloon Stickers (10pk)
Rose Gold Balloon Glitter - 100g
BALLGLITRG OAK001Rose Gold Balloon Glitter - 100g (each)
Out Of Stock
Black Balloon Glitter - 100g
BALLGLITBLA OAK001Black Balloon Glitter - 100g (each)
Amethyst Balloon Glitter - 100g
BALLGLITAME OAK001Amethyst Balloon Glitter - 100g (each)
Fuchsia Balloon Glitter - 100g
BALLGLITFUC OAK001Fuchsia Balloon Glitter - 100g (each)
Royal Blue Balloon Glitter - 100g
BALLGLITBLU OAK001Royal Blue Balloon Glitter - 100g (each)
Burgundy Balloon Glitter - 100g
BALLGLITBUR OAK001Burgundy Balloon Glitter - 100g (each)
Red Balloon Glitter - 100g
BALLGLITRED OAK001Red Balloon Glitter - 100g (each)
Emerald Green Balloon Glitter - 100g
BALLGLITEME OAK001Emerald Green Balloon Glitter - 100g (each)
Gold Balloon Glitter - 100g
BALLGLITGOL OAK001Gold Balloon Glitter - 100g (each)
Out Of Stock
Light Pink Balloon Glitter - 100g
BALLGLITLPNK OAK001Light Pink Balloon Glitter - 100g (each)
Sugar Pink Balloon Glitter - 100g
BALLGLITSPNK OAK001Sugar Pink Balloon Glitter - 100g (each)
Iridescent Balloon Glitter - 100g
BALLGLITIRID OAK001Iridescent Balloon Glitter - 100g (each)
Silver Balloon Glitter - 100g
BALLGLITSIL OAK001Silver Balloon Glitter - 100g (each)
Light Blue Balloon Glitter - 100g
BALLGLITLBLU OAK001Light Blue Balloon Glitter - 100g (each)
Turquoise Balloon Glitter - 100g
BALLGLITTUR OAK001Turquoise Balloon Glitter - 100g (each)
Topaz Blue Balloon Glitter - 100g
BALLGLITTBLU OAK001Topaz Blue Balloon Glitter - 100g (each)
Glue Pen - 4mm Chisel Tip
DECO1031 OAK001Glue Pen - 4mm Chisel Tip (each)
Glue Pen - 2mm Fine
DECO1029 OAK001Glue Pen - 2mm Fine (each)
Glue Pen - 15mm Broad Tip
DECO1030 OAK001Glue Pen - 15mm Broad Tip (each)
Organza Pull Bow - Ivory
RIBB159 OAK001Organza Pull Bow - Ivory (each)
Out Of Stock
Organza Pull Bow - Red
RIBB156 E OAK001Organza Pull Bow - Red (each)
Out Of Stock
Organza Pull Bow - Green
RIBB158 E OAK001Organza Pull Bow - Green (each)
Organza Pull Bow - Light Pink
RIBB155 OAK001Organza Pull Bow - Light Pink (each)
Organza Pull Bow - Lavender
RIBB157 OAK001Organza Pull Bow - Lavender (each)
Out Of Stock
Pull Bows
XMASACC249 E EUR002Pull Bows (3pk)