Halloween Sweets

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Net of Chocolate Pumpkins - 75g
SWEE633 HFC001Net of Chocolate Pumpkins - 75g (each)
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Swizzels Trick or Sweet Bag
SWEE643 SWI002Swizzels Trick or Sweet Bag (20pk)
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Chupa Chups Mini Lolly Pops
SWEE931 PER001Chupa Chups Mini Lolly Pops (22pc)
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Halloween Eyeballs -150g
SWEE983 CRE002Halloween Eyeballs -150g (each)
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Net of Halloween Chocolate Coins - 50g
SWEE635 CRE002Net of Halloween Chocolate Coins - 50g (each)
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Witch Chocolate
SWETS46 HFC001Witch Chocolate (each)
Out Of Stock
Ghost Chocolate
SWETS48 HFC001Ghost Chocolate (each)
Frog Chocolate
SWETS107 HFC001Frog Chocolate (each)
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Spider Chocolate
SWETS47 HFC001Spider Chocolate (each)
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Pumpkin Chocolate
SWEE206 HFC001Pumpkin Chocolate (each)
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Skull & Cross Bones Chocolate
SWETS186 HFC001Skull & Cross Bones Chocolate (each)
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BOOOM Vampire Tongue Painter Gum
SWEE654 HAN002BOOOM Vampire Tongue Painter Gum (each)
Haribo Yellow Bellies Snakes Tub
SWEE295 DUN001Haribo Yellow Bellies Snakes Tub (per tub)
Out Of Stock
Jelly Fangs Tub
BULK125 HAN002Jelly Fangs Tub (150pk)
Haribo Fruity Frogs Tub
BULK052 DUN001Haribo Fruity Frogs Tub (per tub)
Haribo Terrific Turtles Tub
SWEE297 DUN001Haribo Terrific Turtles Tub (per tub)
Maoam Stripes Tub
SWEE288 DUN001Maoam Stripes Tub (per tub)
Out Of Stock
Skull Crushers Tub
BULK126 HAN002Skull Crushers Tub (120pk)
Party Mix Tub
SWEE622 SWI002Party Mix Tub (each)
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Sherbet Filled Straws - 100pk
BULK077 PDL001Sherbet Filled Straws - 100pk (per pack)
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Assorted Mini Me Chews - 1kg
BULK078 PDL001Assorted Mini Me Chews - 1kg (per pack)
Mini Sweet Mix - 3kg
BULK074 SWI002Mini Sweet Mix - 3kg (per bag)
Party Sweets - 5kg
SWEE625 SWI002Party Sweets - 5kg (per tub)
Stock Due: 14/08/2020
Witch Hat Cake Toppers
SDEC431 CRE004Witch Hat Cake Toppers (5pk)
Spider Sugar Cake Decorations - 3cm
SDEC385 CRE004Spider Sugar Cake Decorations - 3cm (5pk)
Black Sparkling Sugar
SDEC185 CUL001Black Sparkling Sugar (50g)
Orange Pumpkin Bucket - 15x17cm
HALLBAG46 AMS001Orange Pumpkin Bucket - 15x17cm (Each)
Halloween Party Time Party Box - 15cm long
BOXPHALL2 AMS001Halloween Party Time Party Box - 15cm long (each)
Large Halloween Cello Bags - 29cm
HALLBAG36 AMS001Large Halloween Cello Bags - 29cm (20pk)
Stock Due: 01/10/2020
Halloween Party Bags - Skeleton Hand Cello Bags - 24cm
Black Party Boxes
BOXP011 WOO001Black Party Boxes (each)
Black Popcorn Boxes - 13cm
CBUFPOP1 AMS001Black Popcorn Boxes - 13cm (5pk)
Out Of Stock
Mini Witches Cauldron - 13cm
HALLDEC582 BRI001Mini Witches Cauldron - 13cm
Black Plastic Sweet Scoop
CBUFSCOO1 AMS001Black Plastic Sweet Scoop (each)
Trifle Sweet Jar - 19cm
CATE547 AMS001Trifle Sweet Jar - 19cm (each)
Pedestal Sweet Jar - 31cm
CATE570 AMS002Pedestal Sweet Jar - 31cm (each)
Scalloped Sweet Jar - 19cm
CATE542 AMS001Scalloped Sweet Jar - 19cm (each)
Victorian Sweet Jar - Plastic - 500ml
SBUFJAR03 HAN002Victorian Sweet Jar - Plastic - 500ml (each)
Black Plastic Lined Paper Tablecover - 1.4m x 2.8m
Black Plastic Banqueting Roll - 30m
CATE047 AMS001Black Plastic Banqueting Roll - 30m (each)