Shopkins Party Supplies

Shopkins Party Supplies

Once you shop, you can’t stop! Throw a super cute Shopkins party with our official Shopkins party supplies. Choose from tableware, decorations, balloons, invites and more featuring all your favourite characters.

Shopkins Foil Banner & Latex Balloon Kit
SHOPDECO E GEM001Shopkins Foil Banner & Latex Balloon Kit (each)
Out Of Stock
Shopkins Balloon - 18" Foil
SHOPFOIL E AMS001Shopkins Balloon - 18" Foil (each)
Out Of Stock
Shopkins Airfilled Balloon
SHOPAIRF E AMS001Shopkins Airfilled Balloon (each)

Helium Canister for 30 Balloons
HELIVALUE AMS001Helium Canister for 30 Balloons (each)
Helium Gas Canister for 50 Balloons
HELI50 AMS001Helium Gas Canister for 50 Balloons (each)
Helium Canister with 30 Pink & White Balloons & Ribbon

Decorating Essentials

Party Genies - Party Hangers
DECO357 LIG002Party Genies - Party Hangers (12pk)
Scenery Hangers
DECO515 LIG002Scenery Hangers (24pk)
Plastic Table Cover Clips
CATE007 AMS001Plastic Table Cover Clips (4pk)
Latex Balloon Pump
BALLPUMP AMS001Latex Balloon Pump (each)
Balloon Plastic Hangers
DECO363 DAV003Balloon Plastic Hangers (each)