Jelly Sweets

Haribo Giant Strawbs Gone Mini
SWEE1092 DUN001Haribo Giant Strawbs Gone Mini (per bag)
Haribo Giant Strawbs
SWEE583 DUN001Haribo Giant Strawbs (per bag)
Stock Due: 16/04/2021
The Sweet One Shaker Cup
SWEE985 HAN002The Sweet One Shaker Cup (each)
Gummy Pizza
SWEE943 KAN001Gummy Pizza (each)
Out Of Stock
Haribo Starmix Mini's
SWETS23 DUN001Haribo Starmix Mini's (per bag)
Haribo Kiddies' SuperMix Mini's
SWEE141 DUN001Haribo Kiddies' SuperMix Mini's (per bag)
Haribo Tangfastics Mini's
SWEE131 DUN001Haribo Tangfastics Mini's (per bag)
Haribo Mini Yellow Bellies
SWEE1038 DUN001Haribo Mini Yellow Bellies (per bag)
Out Of Stock
Haribo Rainbow Twists
SWEE582 DUN001Haribo Rainbow Twists (per bag)
Haribo Little Jelly Men SuperMix - Haribo Bag
SWEE585 DUN001Haribo Little Jelly Men SuperMix - Haribo Bag (per bag)
Haribo Starmix Bag
SWEE588 DUN001Haribo Starmix Bag (per bag)
Haribo Tangfastics
SWEE594 DUN001Haribo Tangfastics (per bag)
Out Of Stock
Haribo Rhubarb & Custard Zing
SWEE855 DUN001Haribo Rhubarb & Custard Zing (per bag)
Haribo Gold Bears
SWEE1041 DUN001Haribo Gold Bears (per bag)
Out Of Stock
Haribo Super Mix
SWEE624 DUN001Haribo Super Mix (per bag)
Out Of Stock
Haribo Fairyland
SWEE842 DUN001Haribo Fairyland (per bag)
Haribo Jelly Babies
SWEE684 DUN001Haribo Jelly Babies (per bag)
Haribo Goldbears
SWEE111 DUN001Haribo Goldbears (per bag)
Haribo Jelly Beans
SWEE593 DUN001Haribo Jelly Beans (per bag)
Stock Due: 19/04/2021
Trolli Sour Glowworms
SWEE1102 HAN002Trolli Sour Glowworms (per bag)
Vegan Approved Fruitella Sour Snakes
SWEE1218 PER001Vegan Approved Fruitella Sour Snakes (each)
Vegan Approved Fruitella Koalas
SWEE1219 PER001Vegan Approved Fruitella Koalas (each)
Dino Rex Xtra Sour
SWEE1001 HAN002Dino Rex Xtra Sour (each)
Strawberry Laces
SWEE661 HAN002Strawberry Laces (each)
Haribo Roulette
SWEE455 DUN001Haribo Roulette (per pack)
Haribo Kiddies' SuperMix Mini's - 100pk
SWEE141K PDL001Haribo Kiddies' SuperMix Mini's - 100pk (per box)
Haribo Tangfastics Mini's - 100pk
SWEE131K PDL001Haribo Tangfastics Mini's - 100pk (per box)
Out Of Stock
Haribo Starmix Mini's - 100pk
SWETS23K PDL001Haribo Starmix Mini's - 100pk (per box)
Diablo Sugar Free Cola Bottles
SWEE1167 CRE002Diablo Sugar Free Cola Bottles (each)
Diablo Sugar Free Gummy Drops
SWEE1168 CRE002Diablo Sugar Free Gummy Drops (each)
Diablo Sugar Free Gummy Bears
SWEE1166 CRE002Diablo Sugar Free Gummy Bears (each)
Vegan Giant Strawberries 160g
SWEE1237 HFC001Vegan Giant Strawberries 160g (each)
Vegan Fruity Meerkats 150g
SWEE1235 HFC001Vegan Fruity Meerkats 150g (each)
Haribo Bear Buddies Tub
SWEE1046 E DUN001Haribo Bear Buddies Tub (per tub)
Haribo Fairyland Tub
SWEE1047 DUN001Haribo Fairyland Tub (per tub)
Haribo Giant Cola Tub
SWEE286 DUN001Haribo Giant Cola Tub (per tub)
Haribo Giant Cola Z!NG Tub
SWEE294 DUN001Haribo Giant Cola Z!NG Tub (per tub)
Haribo Giant Strawbs Tub
SWEE289 DUN001Haribo Giant Strawbs Tub (per tub)
Starmix Tub
SWEE688 DUN001Starmix Tub (per tub)
Haribo Giant Strawbs Z!NG Tub
SWEE290 DUN001Haribo Giant Strawbs Z!NG Tub (per tub)
Haribo Giant Suckers Tub
SWEE296 DUN001Haribo Giant Suckers Tub (per tub)
Haribo Giant Dummies Z!NG Tub
SWEE293 DUN001Haribo Giant Dummies Z!NG Tub (per tub)
Haribo Friendship Rings Tub
SWEE287 DUN001Haribo Friendship Rings Tub (per tub)
Haribo Gold Bears Tub
SWEE283 DUN001Haribo Gold Bears Tub (per tub)
Haribo Happy Cherries Tub
SWEE291 DUN001Haribo Happy Cherries Tub (per tub)
Haribo Happy Cherries Z!NG Tub
BULK056 DUN001Haribo Happy Cherries Z!NG Tub (per tub)
Haribo Heart Throbs Tub
SWEE285 DUN001Haribo Heart Throbs Tub (per tub)
Haribo Starfish Tub
SWEE292 DUN001Haribo Starfish Tub (per tub)
Haribo Yellow Bellies Snakes Tub
SWEE295 DUN001Haribo Yellow Bellies Snakes Tub (per tub)
Haribo Happy Cola Tub
BULK051 DUN001Haribo Happy Cola Tub (per tub)
Haribo Fizzy Bubble Gum Bottles Tub
BULK055 DUN001Haribo Fizzy Bubble Gum Bottles Tub (per tub)
Haribo Terrific Turtles Tub
SWEE297 DUN001Haribo Terrific Turtles Tub (per tub)
Haribo Fruity Frogs Tub
BULK052 DUN001Haribo Fruity Frogs Tub (per tub)
Haribo Jelly Babies Tub
BULK048 DUN001Haribo Jelly Babies Tub (per tub)
Haribo Jelly Bean Tub
BULK047 DUN001Haribo Jelly Bean Tub (per tub)
Haribo Rotella Tub
BULK059 DUN001Haribo Rotella Tub (per tub)
Fun Gums Fried Eggs Tub
BULK096 SWI002Fun Gums Fried Eggs Tub (per tub)
Fun Gums Juicy Lips Tub
BULK095 SWI002Fun Gums Juicy Lips Tub (per tub)
Fun Gums Sour Apple Slices Tub
BULK146 SWI002Fun Gums Sour Apple Slices Tub (per tub)
Fun Gums Cola Bottles Tub
BULK147 SWI002Fun Gums Cola Bottles Tub (per tub)
Fun Gums Fizzy Cola Bottles Tub
BULK148 SWI002Fun Gums Fizzy Cola Bottles Tub (per tub)
Fun Gums Pig's Mugs Tub
BULK099 SWI002Fun Gums Pig's Mugs Tub (per tub)
Haribo Rainbow Twists Tub
SWEE298 DUN001Haribo Rainbow Twists Tub (per tub)
Haribo Freaky Fish Tub
BULK057 DUN001Haribo Freaky Fish Tub (per tub)
Fun Gums Strawberry Tarts Tub
BULK097 SWI002Fun Gums Strawberry Tarts Tub (per tub)
Jelly Babies - 3kg
BULK190 HAN002Jelly Babies - 3kg (per bag)
Pink & White Hearts - 3kg
BULK212 HAN002Pink & White Hearts - 3kg (per bag)
Red Heart Throbs - 3kg
BULK139 DUN001Red Heart Throbs - 3kg (per bag)
Haribo Fried Eggs - 3kg
BULK062 DUN001Haribo Fried Eggs - 3kg (per bag)
Haribo Jelly Beans - 3kg
BULK192 DUN001Haribo Jelly Beans - 3kg (per bag)
Haribo Giant Strawbs - 3kg
BULK193 DUN001Haribo Giant Strawbs - 3kg (per bag)
Haribo Mini Jelly Babies - 3kg
BULK194 DUN001Haribo Mini Jelly Babies - 3kg (per bag)
Haribo Happy Cherries - 3kg
BULK195 DUN001Haribo Happy Cherries - 3kg (per bag)
Floral Gums Jar - 2.25kg
BULK159 KAN001Floral Gums Jar - 2.25kg (per jar)
Cherry Lips Jar - 2.25kg
BULK158 KAN001Cherry Lips Jar - 2.25kg (per jar)
Gourmet Jelly Beans - 1.4kg
BULK137 CRE002Gourmet Jelly Beans - 1.4kg (each)