Out Of Stock
Football Fever Sweets Bag
SWEE1137 SWI002Football Fever Sweets Bag (each)
Love Hearts Lipstick
SWETS63 SWI002Love Hearts Lipstick (each)
Drumstick Lolly
SWEE1053 SWI002Drumstick Lolly (each)
Mega Rainbow Dust Straws - 8g
SWEE810 SWI002Mega Rainbow Dust Straws - 8g (each)
Rainbow Drops Mini Bag
SWEE621 SWI002Rainbow Drops Mini Bag (each)
Rainbow Drops
SWEE1057 SWI002Rainbow Drops (per bag)
Candy Whistle
SWEE151 SWI002Candy Whistle (each)
Assorted Mini Me Chews
SWETS198 SWI002Assorted Mini Me Chews (each)
Stinger Chew Bar - 18g
SWEE808 SWI002Stinger Chew Bar - 18g (each)
Vimto Chew Bar - 18g
SWEE807 SWI002Vimto Chew Bar - 18g (each)
Drumstick Chew Bar
SWETS166 SWI002Drumstick Chew Bar (per bar)
Refreshers Strawberry Flavour Chew Bar
SWEE614 SWI002Refreshers Strawberry Flavour Chew Bar (each)
Refreshers Original Chew Bar - Lemon Flavour
SWEE613 SWI002Refreshers Original Chew Bar - Lemon Flavour (each)
Flic 'n' Lic Candy
SWEE157 SWI002Flic 'n' Lic Candy (each)
Swizzels Double Dip - 19g
SWEE811 SWI002Swizzels Double Dip - 19g (each)
Giant Fizzers
SWEE1048 SWI002Giant Fizzers (each)
Giant Love Hearts
SWETS173 SWI002Giant Love Hearts (per roll)
Refreshers Stick Pack - Strawberry Flavour
SWEE1049 SWI002Refreshers Stick Pack - Strawberry Flavour (each)
Drumstick Stick Pack
SWEE1050 SWI002Drumstick Stick Pack (each)
Refreshers Stick Pack - Lemon Flavour
SWEE150 SWI002Refreshers Stick Pack - Lemon Flavour (each)
Love Hearts Dip - 4 Flavours
SWETS02 SWI002Love Hearts Dip - 4 Flavours (each)
Drumstick Squashies
SWEE1054 SWI002Drumstick Squashies (per bag)
Drumstick Squashies - Bubblegum Flavour
SWEE1055 SWI002Drumstick Squashies - Bubblegum Flavour (per bag)
Out Of Stock
Swizzels Trick or Sweet Bag
SWEE643 SWI002Swizzels Trick or Sweet Bag (20pk)
Drumstick Lollies - Mixed Flavours
SWEE1060 SWI002Drumstick Lollies - Mixed Flavours (per bag)
Out Of Stock
Refreshers Choos
SWEE1058 SWI002Refreshers Choos (per bag)
Swizzels Squashies Sour Cherry & Apple Bag - 160g
SWEE804 SWI002Swizzels Squashies Sour Cherry & Apple Bag - 160g (each)
Swizzels Squashies Original Bag - 160g
SWEE802 SWI002Swizzels Squashies Original Bag - 160g (each)
Parma Violets
SWEE689 SWI002Parma Violets (per pack)
SWEE690 SWI002Fizzers (per pack)
Double Lollies Lickables
SWEE618 SWI002Double Lollies Lickables (per bag)
Out Of Stock
Loadsa Chews
SWEE693 SWI002Loadsa Chews (per bag)
Loadsa Sweets
SWEE692 SWI002Loadsa Sweets (per bag)
Loadsa Lollies
SWEE691 SWI002Loadsa Lollies (per bag)
Bumper Bag
SWEE609 SWI002Bumper Bag (per bag)

Bulk Sweets

Party Mix Tub
SWEE622 SWI002Party Mix Tub (each)
Out Of Stock
Assorted Mini Me Chews - 1kg
BULK078 PDL001Assorted Mini Me Chews - 1kg (per pack)
Out Of Stock
Sherbet Filled Straws - 100pk
BULK077 PDL001Sherbet Filled Straws - 100pk (per pack)
Mega Rainbow Dust Straws Tub
BULK155 SWI002Mega Rainbow Dust Straws Tub (per pack)
Candy Whistles - 60pk
BULK091 SWI002Candy Whistles - 60pk (per pack)
Love Hearts Lipsticks - 60pk
BULK092 SWI002Love Hearts Lipsticks - 60pk (per pack)
Vimto Chew Bar Tub
BULK152 SWI002Vimto Chew Bar Tub (per pack)
Refreshers Sour Chew Bar Tub
BULK151 SWI002Refreshers Sour Chew Bar Tub (per pack)
Stinger Chew Bar Tub
BULK153 SWI002Stinger Chew Bar Tub (per pack)
Sweet Treats Tub
BULK156 SWI002Sweet Treats Tub (per tub)
Out Of Stock
Love Hearts Mini Rolls - 100pk
BULK079 PDL001Love Hearts Mini Rolls - 100pk (per pack)
Variety Mix Bag - 3kg
BULK202 SWI002Variety Mix Bag - 3kg (per bag)
Drumstick Lollies - 3kg
BULK201 SWI002Drumstick Lollies - 3kg (per bag)
Fruity Pops - 3kg
BULK200 SWI002Fruity Pops - 3kg (per bag)
Mini Sweet Mix - 3kg
BULK074 SWI002Mini Sweet Mix - 3kg (per bag)
Fizzers - 3kg
BULK199 SWI002Fizzers - 3kg (per bag)
Love Hearts Mini Rolls - 3kg
BULK106 SWI002Love Hearts Mini Rolls - 3kg (per bag)
Party Sweets - 5kg
SWEE625 SWI002Party Sweets - 5kg (per tub)

Fun Gums Milk Bottles Tub
BULK093 SWI002Fun Gums Milk Bottles Tub (per tub)
Fun Gums Teeth 'n' Toothbrush Tub
BULK198 SWI002Fun Gums Teeth 'n' Toothbrush Tub (per tub)
Fun Gums Fried Eggs Tub
BULK096 SWI002Fun Gums Fried Eggs Tub (per tub)
Fun Gums Juicy Lips Tub
BULK095 SWI002Fun Gums Juicy Lips Tub (per tub)
Fun Gums Foam Mushrooms Tub
BULK098 SWI002Fun Gums Foam Mushrooms Tub (per tub)
Fun Gums Pig's Mugs Tub
BULK099 SWI002Fun Gums Pig's Mugs Tub (per tub)
Fun Gums Sour Apple Slices Tub
BULK146 SWI002Fun Gums Sour Apple Slices Tub (per tub)
Fun Gums Strawberry Tarts Tub
BULK097 SWI002Fun Gums Strawberry Tarts Tub (per tub)
Fun Gums Cola Bottles Tub
BULK147 SWI002Fun Gums Cola Bottles Tub (per tub)
Fun Gums Fizzy Cola Bottles Tub
BULK148 SWI002Fun Gums Fizzy Cola Bottles Tub (per tub)
Fun Gums Giant Mushrooms Tub
BULK149 SWI002Fun Gums Giant Mushrooms Tub (per tub)
Fun Gums Giant Toothbrushes Tub
BULK150 SWI002Fun Gums Giant Toothbrushes Tub (per tub)
Double Lollies - 130pk
BULK100 SWI002Double Lollies - 130pk (per tub)
Fruity Pops - 130pk
BULK101 SWI002Fruity Pops - 130pk (per tub)