Novelty Chocolates

Swizzels Drumstick Chocolate Bar
SWEE1252 SWI002Swizzels Drumstick Chocolate Bar (each)
Gold Chocolate No. 1 Medal with ribbon
SWEE387 HFC001Gold Chocolate No. 1 Medal with ribbon (each)
Chocolate Smartphone
SWEE377 HFC001Chocolate Smartphone (each)
Chocolate Game Controller
SWEE1023 HFC001Chocolate Game Controller (each)
Stock Due: 10/03/2021
Milk Chocolate Mini Bars of Gold
SWEE527 CRE002Milk Chocolate Mini Bars of Gold (per pack)
Stock Due: 10/03/2021
Unicorn Milk Chocolate Mini Bars
SWEE1083 CRE002Unicorn Milk Chocolate Mini Bars (per pack)
Chocolate Crayons
SWEE376 HFC001Chocolate Crayons (each)
Out Of Stock
Casino Chips
SWEE1008 HFC001Casino Chips (each)
Chocolate Champagne Bottle
SWETS38 HFC001Chocolate Champagne Bottle (each)
Fish Chocolate
SWETS33 HFC001Fish Chocolate (each)
Parrot Chocolate
SWETS31 HFC001Parrot Chocolate (each)
Footballer Chocolate
SWETS35 HFC001Footballer Chocolate (each)
Aeroplane Chocolate
SWETS108 HFC001Aeroplane Chocolate (each)
Crab Chocolate
SWEE1021 HFC001Crab Chocolate (each)
Horse Chocolate
SWETS142 HFC001Horse Chocolate (each)
Elephant Chocolate
SWETS32 HFC001Elephant Chocolate (each)
Frog Chocolate
SWETS107 HFC001Frog Chocolate (each)
Tiger Chocolate
SWEE253 HFC001Tiger Chocolate (each)
Kitten Chocolate
SWEE375 HFC001Kitten Chocolate (each)
Dragon Chocolate
SWEE256 HFC001Dragon Chocolate (each)
Shark Chocolate
SWEE254 HFC001Shark Chocolate (each)
Pirate Chocolate
SWETS28 HFC001Pirate Chocolate (each)
Stock Due: 12/03/2021
Strawberry Hearts Tub
BULK134 HAN002Strawberry Hearts Tub (per tub)
Out Of Stock
Pink Pigs Tub
SWETS117 HAN002Pink Pigs Tub (per tub)
Fish n' Chips Tub
SWEE330 HAN002Fish n' Chips Tub (per tub)
Pink & White Mice Tub
BULK213 HAN002Pink & White Mice Tub (per tub)
White Jazzies - 3kg
BULK136 KAN001White Jazzies - 3kg (per box)
Milk Jazzies - 3kg
BULK135 KAN001Milk Jazzies - 3kg (per box)
Hannah's Pink & White Mice - 3kg
BULK026 KAN001Hannah's Pink & White Mice - 3kg (per bag)
Hannah's White Mice - 3kg
BULK025 KAN001Hannah's White Mice - 3kg (per bag)
Pink Hearts - 3kg
BULK179 HAN002Pink Hearts - 3kg (per box)
Hannah Ice Cream Cones - 3kg
SWEE941 KAN001Hannah Ice Cream Cones - 3kg (per bag)
Hannah's Pink Pigs - 3kg
SWEE940 KAN001Hannah's Pink Pigs - 3kg (per bag)
Out Of Stock
Chocolate Coins
SWEE652 CRE002Chocolate Coins (each)
Chocolate Coins
SWEE756 CRE002Chocolate Coins (each)
Out Of Stock
Rainbow Chocolate Coins
SWEE421 CRE002Rainbow Chocolate Coins (per net)
Pirate Chocolate Coins
SWEE753 KAN001Pirate Chocolate Coins (each)
Dinosaur Chocolate Coins
SWEE1109 HFC001Dinosaur Chocolate Coins (each)
Princess Chocolate Coins
SWEE859 HAN002Princess Chocolate Coins (each)
Chocolate Pirate Coins - 1kg
BULK132 HAN002Chocolate Pirate Coins - 1kg (per bag)
Pirate Chocolate Coins - 1.5kg
SWEE753K KAN001Pirate Chocolate Coins - 1.5kg (per tub)
Gold Chocolate Coins Tub
BULK133 HAN002Gold Chocolate Coins Tub (per tub)
Chocolate Rose - 20g
SWEE09 BON001Chocolate Rose - 20g (each)
Stock Due: 15/03/2021
'Love is Sweet' Wedding Chocolate Neapolitans - 20pk
Red Foil Chocolate Hearts - 20pk
SWEE695 ITA001Red Foil Chocolate Hearts - 20pk (per pack)
Out Of Stock
Novelty Bunny Chocolates - 10g
SWEE1248 CRE002Novelty Bunny Chocolates - 10g (each)
Stock Due: 08/03/2021
Bumble Bee Chocolate
SWETS34 HFC001Bumble Bee Chocolate (each)
Woolly Sheep Chocolate
SWETS141 HFC001Woolly Sheep Chocolate (each)
Chocolate Chick
SWETS57 HFC001Chocolate Chick (each)
Butterfly Chocolate
SWETS30 HFC001Butterfly Chocolate (each)
Carrot Cruncher Bunny Chocolate
SWEE459 HFC001Carrot Cruncher Bunny Chocolate (each)
Happy Lamb Chocolate
SWEE1091 HFC001Happy Lamb Chocolate (each)
Crazy Rooster Chocolate
SWETS58 HFC001Crazy Rooster Chocolate (each)
Out Of Stock
Net of Chocolate Easter Eggs & Bunnies
SWEE862 CRE002Net of Chocolate Easter Eggs & Bunnies (100g)
Out Of Stock
Mini Chocolate Eggs
SWEE40 HFC001Mini Chocolate Eggs (per net)
Out Of Stock
Easter Chocolate Coins - 100g
SWEE1247 CRE002Easter Chocolate Coins - 100g (each)
White Mouse Bar
SWEE835 HAN002White Mouse Bar (each)
Out Of Stock
Chocolate Bunnies
SWEE462 CRE002Chocolate Bunnies (8pk)
Halloween Solid Chocolate Figures
SWEE404 CRE002Halloween Solid Chocolate Figures (per pack)
Out Of Stock
Spider Chocolate
SWETS47 HFC001Spider Chocolate (each)
Out Of Stock
Skull & Cross Bones Chocolate
SWETS186 HFC001Skull & Cross Bones Chocolate (each)
Out Of Stock
Chocolate Christmas Bear
SWEE1027 HFC001Chocolate Christmas Bear (each)
Out Of Stock
Reindeer Chocolate
SWEE269 HFC001Reindeer Chocolate (each)
Out Of Stock
Penguin Chocolate
SWEE664 HFC001Penguin Chocolate (each)
Out Of Stock
Santa Chocolate
SWEE646 HFC001Santa Chocolate (each)
Out Of Stock
Mr Freeze Snowman Milk Chocolate
SWEE770 HFC001Mr Freeze Snowman Milk Chocolate (each)
Out Of Stock
Foiled Chocolate Snowman Eggs
SWEE904 PDL001Foiled Chocolate Snowman Eggs (25pk)
Out Of Stock
Net of Solid Milk Chocolate Brussels Sprouts - 75g
SWEE1028 HFC001Net of Solid Milk Chocolate Brussels Sprouts - 75g (each)