Life-size and Animated Halloween Props

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Undead Clown Animated Figure - 2.15m
HALLDEC860T PAL002Undead Clown Animated Figure - 2.15m (each)
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Rocking Horse Dolly Animated Figure
HALLDEC921T PAL002Rocking Horse Dolly Animated Figure (each)
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Lunging Haggard Witch Animated Figure - 1.8m
HALLDEC861T PAL002Lunging Haggard Witch Animated Figure - 1.8m (each)
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Pull Apart Dolly
HALLDEC919T PAL002Pull Apart Dolly (each)
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Victorian Doll Animated Figure (81cm)
HALLDEC864T PAL002Victorian Doll Animated Figure (81cm) (each)
Animated Fortune Teller Witch - 1.8m
HALLDEC969 PAL002Animated Fortune Teller Witch - 1.8m (each)
Animated Twitching Clown - 1.8m
HALLDEC968 PAL002Animated Twitching Clown - 1.8m (each)
Animated Prowling Werewolf - 2.13m
HALLDEC967 PAL002Animated Prowling Werewolf - 2.13m (each)
Life-Size Wailing Soul (1.8m)
HALLDEC922 PAL002Life-Size Wailing Soul (1.8m) (each)
Animated Ghostly Tricycle
HALLDEC920 PAL002Animated Ghostly Tricycle (each)
Haunted Doll with Sound
HALLDEC866 PAL002Haunted Doll with Sound (each)
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Creepy Antique Clown Animated Figure (81cm)
HALLDEC865 PAL002Creepy Antique Clown Animated Figure (81cm) (each)
Animated Hanging Clown (1.8m)
HALLDEC923 FIE001Animated Hanging Clown (1.8m) (each)
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Dancing Day of the Dead Lady (80cm)
HALLDEC929 FIE001Dancing Day of the Dead Lady (80cm) (each)
Animated Scary Teddy Bear (25cm)
HALLDEC932 FIE001Animated Scary Teddy Bear (25cm) (each)
Animated Sinister Unicorn (25cm)
HALLDEC931 FIE001Animated Sinister Unicorn (25cm) (each)
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Life-Size Walking Zombie Hand
HALLDEC933 FIE001Life-Size Walking Zombie Hand (each)
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Animated Winged Skeleton (1.5m)
HALLDEC927 FIE001Animated Winged Skeleton (1.5m) (each)
Scary Animated Vulture (1.1m)
HALLDEC941 BOL001Scary Animated Vulture (1.1m) (each)
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Cackling Witch on Broom - 1m
HALLDEC299 PRE001Cackling Witch on Broom - 1m (each)
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Animated Chained Reaper - 90cm
HALLDEC562 PRE001Animated Chained Reaper - 90cm (each)
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Zip Wire Ghost - 28 cm
HALLDEC783 PRE001Zip Wire Ghost - 28 cm (each)
Haunted Wireless Radio - 31cm
HALLDEC779 PRE001Haunted Wireless Radio - 31cm (each)
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Crystal Ball with Light & Sound (21cm)
HALLDEC856 CAR006Crystal Ball with Light & Sound (21cm) (each)
Haunted Hedge Halloween Decoration
HALLDEC871 PAL002Haunted Hedge Halloween Decoration (each)
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Giant Halloween Clown with Light Up Eyes (3.6 x 2.4m)
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Giant Skeleton Door Curtain (3.5 x 2.15m)
HALLDEC858 CAR006Giant Skeleton Door Curtain (3.5 x 2.15m) (each)


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Witch Inflatable - 1.2m
HALLDEC801 PRE001Witch Inflatable - 1.2m (each)
Out Of Stock
Dracula Inflatable - 1.2m
HALLDEC800 PRE001Dracula Inflatable - 1.2m (each)
Inflatable Ghost Popping out of Pumpkin - 1.2 m
HALLDEC778 E PRE001Inflatable Ghost Popping out of Pumpkin - 1.2 m (each)

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Inflatable Cemetery Arch (2.4m)
HALLDEC775 PRE001Inflatable Cemetery Arch (2.4m) (each)
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Inflatable Mummy - 2.4m
HALLDEC776 PRE001Inflatable Mummy - 2.4m (each)
Light Up Inflatable Giant Pumpkin - 3m
HALLDEC372 PRE001Light Up Inflatable Giant Pumpkin - 3m (each)