Free From Sweets & Chocolate

Mini Moo's Organic Yummy White Bar
SWEE1172 CRE002Mini Moo's Organic Yummy White Bar (each)
Vegan Fizzy Dummies 125g
SWEE1234 HFC001Vegan Fizzy Dummies 125g (each)
Vegan Fruity Meerkats 150g
SWEE1235 HFC001Vegan Fruity Meerkats 150g (each)
Vegan Giant Strawberries 160g
SWEE1237 HFC001Vegan Giant Strawberries 160g (each)
Vegan Fizzy Bears 160g
SWEE1236 HFC001Vegan Fizzy Bears 160g (each)
Out Of Stock
Vegan Fizzy Cola Bottles 160g
SWEE1238 HFC001Vegan Fizzy Cola Bottles 160g (each)
Vegan Mango & Passion Fruit Sweets
SWEE1161 HAN002Vegan Mango & Passion Fruit Sweets (each)
Vegan Strawberry & Lemonade Fizzy Sweets
SWEE1162 HAN002Vegan Strawberry & Lemonade Fizzy Sweets (each)
Vegan Apple & Watermelon Fizzy Gummy Sweets
SWEE1160 HAN002Vegan Apple & Watermelon Fizzy Gummy Sweets (each)
Vegan Approved Fruitella Sour Snakes
SWEE1218 PER001Vegan Approved Fruitella Sour Snakes (each)
Vegan Approved Fruitella Koalas
SWEE1219 PER001Vegan Approved Fruitella Koalas (each)
Millions - Blackcurrant Flavour - 2.27kg
SWEE954 KAN001Millions - Blackcurrant Flavour - 2.27kg (per jar)
Millions - Strawberry Flavour - 2.27kg
BULK005 KAN001Millions - Strawberry Flavour - 2.27kg (per jar)
Millions - Cola Flavour - 2.27kg
SWEE955 KAN001Millions - Cola Flavour - 2.27kg (per jar)
Strawberry & Cream Flavour Lollipops - 150pk
BULK009 HAN002Strawberry & Cream Flavour Lollipops - 150pk (per tub)
Tutti Frutti Lollipops - 90pk
BULK167 KAN001Tutti Frutti Lollipops - 90pk (per jar)
Blue Bubblegum Flavour Lollipops - 90pk
BULK165 KAN001Blue Bubblegum Flavour Lollipops - 90pk (per jar)
Traffic Light Lollipops - 90pk
BULK166 KAN001Traffic Light Lollipops - 90pk (per jar)
Millions Tubes - Cola Flavour
SWEE1106 HAN002Millions Tubes - Cola Flavour (each)
Millions Tubes - Bubblegum Flavour
SWEE1105 HAN002Millions Tubes - Bubblegum Flavour (each)
Millions Tubes - Apple Flavour
SWEE1107 HAN002Millions Tubes - Apple Flavour (each)
Sweetzone Halal Giant Strawberries Tub
BULK232 HAN002Sweetzone Halal Giant Strawberries Tub (each)
Sweetzone Halal Fruity Hearts Tub
BULK228 HAN002Sweetzone Halal Fruity Hearts Tub (each)
Sweetzone Halal Sour Snakes Tub
BULK230 HAN002Sweetzone Halal Sour Snakes Tub (each)
Sweetzone Halal Fizzy Blue Bottles Tub
BULK231 HAN002Sweetzone Halal Fizzy Blue Bottles Tub (each)
GNAW No Added Sugar Chocolate Bar
SWEE1246 HFC001GNAW No Added Sugar Chocolate Bar (each)

Diablo Sugar Free Mint & Cream Sweets
SWEE1169 CRE002Diablo Sugar Free Mint & Cream Sweets (each)
Stock Due: 10/03/2021
Diablo Sugar Free Strawberry & Cream Sweets
SWEE1170 CRE002Diablo Sugar Free Strawberry & Cream Sweets (each)
Diablo Sugar Free Gummy Bears
SWEE1166 CRE002Diablo Sugar Free Gummy Bears (each)
Diablo Sugar Free Cola Bottles
SWEE1167 CRE002Diablo Sugar Free Cola Bottles (each)
Out Of Stock
Diablo Sugar Free Gummy Drops
SWEE1168 CRE002Diablo Sugar Free Gummy Drops (each)
Fruit-tella Sugar Free Fruit Gums
SWEE1273 PER001Fruit-tella Sugar Free Fruit Gums (each)
Fruit-tella Sugar Free Fruit Foams
SWEE1274 PER001Fruit-tella Sugar Free Fruit Foams (each)
Chupa Chups Sugar Free Lollipops
SWEE1277 PER001Chupa Chups Sugar Free Lollipops (each)
Free'ist Sugar Free Gummy Worms
SWEE1220 CRE002Free'ist Sugar Free Gummy Worms (each)
Sugar Free Licorice
SWEE1221 CRE002Sugar Free Licorice (each)